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Strategic consulting for customer-centric brands

Get thoughtful and valuable advice on how to optimise pricing, enhance brand value, develop the right products and target the right customers. Our experts will guide you towards sustainable growth, consumer centricity and boosted profitability.  

The 3-step framework
made for success

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Alignment and input workshops

In the initial phase, we work closely with you to understand your business needs, objectives, and knowledge gaps. Through interactive workshops, we align on the project scope, discuss the business context, and gather enough input so we can help you define your goals and create the winning strategy.


Consumer/customer listing

In the second stage, we carefully listen to your customers/consumers and delve into existing data, leading to invaluable insights about both your products and of your competitors. This customer-centric approach guarantees well-informed strategies driven by the needs and preferences of your target audience.


Learn, act and optimize

In the final phase, we turn data and knowledge into action plans. Thanks to business expertise, in-depth analytics, and effective storytelling, we provide wisdom through practical recommendations. We help you implement, monitor, and optimise your customer-oriented strategies for sustainable growth.

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“Throughout the project, the boobook team was agile, focused and responsive. They were very curious and wanted to understand our market, really picking our brains for all the context we could provide. It was a highly collaborative process.”
Laura Morisot
Shopper and eBusiness Insights Manager at Pernod Ricard UK

Tried-and-true techniques

Our approach starts by understanding your business challenge thoroughly, asking the right questions, and crafting a customised strategy by blending different methodologies and leveraging AI.

Conjoint analysis

Conjoint is an elite pricing tool that gauges consumer preferences and product elasticity. Its simulator identifies optimal pricing for maximum profit.

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The path to purchase encompasses the entire journey from recognizing a need to using the acquired product, and through market research, we identify key triggers and touchpoints to inform our marketing and commercial strategies.

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Segmentation analysis divides a diverse audience into targeted groups for customized marketing strategies, using various analytical methods to ensure actionable insights for business teams.

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