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It all started
20 years ago...

Deep expertise, relentless dedication and enthusiastic curiosity is what makes us unique.

The boobook philosophy

We believe in adopting consumer insights and strategic thinking to empower businesses. Our mission is to support thriving organisations through customised business strategies that bring value and drive growth.

We know our industry inside and out

After two decades in the game and many happy clients, we still keep learning and optimising our methodologies. The secret sauce to our success is staying humble, with a selected team of data scientists and marketing professionals who work collaboratively to deliver top-notch strategic consultancy.  

Three colleagues in a casual office setting engaged in a discussion over a document. The man on the left, bald with a light stubble, wearing a sweater, is pointing at a computer screen, while the smiling woman in the center, with long brown hair and a teal cardigan, holds the document. Another woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and a pink sweater is sitting in the foreground, looking at the computer screen, partially cropped from the view.

Where collaboration and creativity come together

Hailing from various backgrounds, our different perspectives help us understand things better. We encourage open conversations, believe in the power of teamwork and value continuous learning.

Explore our most recent success story

Discover how we have helped businesses like yours overcome challenges, achieve remarkable results, and drive sustainable growth through our strategic consultancy and data analytics expertise.


Renewed insights on how to best measure price elasticity and pricing power

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