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COVID-19 impact on mindstate and anticipated behaviour

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The coronavirus caused chain reactions in the way we think, live, and communicate. The pandemic impacted our behaviour and introduced different norms, and it’s inevitable how many of our adopted habits will stick even after the crisis. Recently, we ran a survey in the UK on behalf of one of our clients, where we included questions regarding the COVID-19. This survey gave us a glimpse into the consumers' mindset and how they see their behaviour changing over the next 12 months due to the crisis.

Brands with strong brand equity, providing excellent value for money (which doesn't necessarily mean cheap!) as well as providing joy in life will be the winners of this crisis.

It’s vital that businesses turn to customers and try to understand their needs so they know where and how to navigate in the post-corona climate.

Research details

Our research questions were:

  1. Will consumers change their behaviour because of the coronavirus epidemic?
  2. Will consumers plan their budget differently?
  3. Will consumers change their attitude towards non-essential products?
  4. Will consumers shop more online?
  5. Does income level have an impact on future behaviour?

Target group: A sample of 750 UK citizens, shoppers of FMCG products, 18 years old or above.

Method: Consumer data was collected via an online survey on shopper habits. The survey included a few COVID-19 related questions though it was not a COVID-19 specific survey.

Timeline: May 5 - 12, 2020 (in the middle of the UK lockdown period)

More insights to come

Given the importance of consumer understanding these days and getting in-depth insights about the change in our behaviour, we launched a survey entirely initiated and conducted by the boobook team. This research covers and analyses data from nine countries across the globe. We are finalising the study and we’ll share our results soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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