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Key takeaways from IIEX Amsterdam 2022: Networking, sustainability, and tech-driven innovations

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The great thing about coming out of the pandemic era is that live events are happening again. Networking is crucial, regardless of the industry. Actually, your image and exposure count for 90% of your success, to be precise. And if you went to the IIEX Europe 2022, you'd hear more about this intriguing P.I.E. (Performance, Image, Exposure) theory in person, directly from Harvey Coleman, who invented it!

This year's Insight Innovation Exchange took place in Amsterdam from 21st to 22nd June. Organised by GreenBook, Insight Innovation Exchange is one of the world's most prestigious consumer insights events where insights professionals, startups, marketers, data scientists, and business leaders from around the globe connect and discuss the future of insights. 

Here are some highlights from two days of presentations, talks, and Q&A sessions! 

Addressing the sustainability say-do gap

A topic that is currently the talk of the town is, of course, sustainability. However, we're still far from fully implementing sustainability at all organisational levels. The say-do gap is a big issue, as consumers want sustainability but are often unwilling to change their behaviour. Or they aren't sure what sustainable means: is it buying local, bio, or ethical, and how can they know what would be the best approach. Here is where brands come in, as they can instruct and guide the consumers. Colgate-Palmolive, Philips, Mattel, Electrolux, PepsiCo, Kellog's, and Pernod-Ricard are already taking the lead.  

In one of the sessions, Jennifer Picard, Head of Center of Excellence for Mix Optimization - Global Consumer Insights at Pernod-Ricard mentioned the question of sustainability is not IF we should do it, but HOW to be more sustainable in different markets. Moving towards sustainability is a very complex challenge, and at Pernod-Ricard, they use a sustainability barometer to understand the metrics and track their progress. With the tracker, they try to understand the value people attach to various items, for example, what they think about reducing packaging. It also gives insights on how to communicate sustainable changes.  

Barilla, the world's largest pasta manufacturer, is focusing on sustainability by using 99,6% recyclable packaging despite the fact that cardboard packaging might negatively impact sales.  Even though consumers prefer plastic packaging because they like to see the pasta, Barilla stayed true to its values and only uses paper-based packaging materials sourced responsibly from certified sources. Similar to our project with Niko, they do listen to their customers. Still, the final solution isn't solely based on their opinion but rather on sustainable parameters, brand values, and long-term strategy.

Tech-driven innovations

Many agencies and companies are focused on innovations linked to technology. The objectives are straightforward: making everything faster, more accurate and efficient.  

Emerging tools are designed to improve respondent engagement and capture instantaneous insights. Providing real-time feedback and capturing emotions in the moment of interaction seems to be on top of the priority list for several companies. Solutions are vast, and it’s exciting to see how technology will shape our industry!  

A big thank you to Greenbook for organising an amazing event and all the speakers for sharing their ideas and fascinating solutions!  

Did you go to the IIEX congress? We'd love to hear your takeaways!  

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