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COVID-19 insights by boobook: Family time and home cooking gains momentum

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In this 6th part of our COVID-19 series, we’ll analyse how our attitude changed towards cooking and home experiences and what does this new momentum mean for businesses.

At the very start of the lockdown when people were stocking up on food, and household items, home cooking was a logical next step. As the panic buying and hoarding decreased, some activities seem to become more than temporary trends. When asked what will they focus on in the next 12 months, 45% of people we surveyed opted for family time, while 38% said they will do more baking and home cooking. This opinion is very uniform, regardless of consumer profile or country.

Rediscovering home cooking and its benefits

There are many reasons why cooking and home experiences became so important during the pandemic.

In times of distress and crisis, we generally focus on family experiences, feeling of belonging, togetherness and care.

During the lockdown, we were limited to staying inside our homes and going out to eat was no longer an option. Let’s also not forget the fact how the virus is so easily spread and we became cautious about who is handling our food and where we shop our groceries.

Cooking and baking became an equivalent for family time and enjoying the small things inside your home; here are other benefits it brings:

  • we spend less money (which is crucial for households that saw a cut in their income)
  • eating a balanced diet keeps us healthy
  • learning how to cook new things boosts our mood
  • the entire family can help and that way connect through a fun experience.

A new perspective on self-care

Added to the central theme of home and family, we discovered a rise in virtual health care - which only confirms how our priorities will revolve around health, care and safety.

There is no doubt the pandemic is encouraging us to rethink our relationship with food and the environment. We are eager to discover new ways to be healthier and feel better - without having to empty our entire wallet.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next article where we’ll take a look at the key drivers when it comes to the product choice: local, sustainable or ethical?


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