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Tipping our hats to a year of transformation

2016 was characterised by one big thing: change. Early on in the year, we took a huge step forward, embracing a new image and a new name – boobook – which proved to be the catalyst for transformation, collaboration and success.

The transformation of solutions-2 into boobook in February 2016 brought us back to the pillars of our mission: wisdom, inquisitiveness and the drive to thrive on challenge. Returning to our roots helped us to redefine our best practices in helping our clients make informed decisions based on data insights.


We’re all embarking on this journey of change together. This is what motivated us to organise a variety of well-received events this year on where analytics are taking businesses and data visualisation. We will continue to focus on building relationships, sharing our knowledge and helping you face a dynamic market through our approach to data big and small, (online) visualisation and storytelling. In short, we’re here to help you work smarter. 

A special thanks to all who helped boobook shine in 2016

Closer than ever to our core business

Despite (or even because of) the new things we’ve experienced in 2016, we’re even more in tune with our most fundamental business: customer analytics and online reporting. However, we’re broadening this core, highlighting the value of visualisation and the use of new, diverse and customer-owned data sources.

We continue to seek out-of-the-box solutions for our clients without losing touch with our background in market research. We’re dedicated to exploring every option to discover the most valuable insights for each unique client. With our innovations in visualisation, our goal is to save time, presenting customers with the most important findings along with a strong story that supports them. Finally, we’re committed to enabling automation through our smart online reporting tools – many companies have benefited from faster decision making and a deeper understanding of business data. We’re looking forward to building even more on these goals in 2017.


A resounding ‘thank you’ to all our supporters, clients and partners

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to our events and rebranding efforts. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and your enthusiastic participation in our events and trainings. Your challenging projects made it possible for boobook to shine in 2016.

Cheers to a fantastic and dynamic 2016, and we wish you and yours all the best in 2017.

With warm holiday greetings,

The boobook Team

by Nicole Huyghe,
Managing director
on 19-12-2016

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