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Data analytics: how to make better use of your data

On 28 June, boobook co-hosted the Starfish Digital Dialogue on data analytics in Brussels. Four experts on the topic voiced their thoughts on how data analysis will lead to new opportunities and further digital transformation. Missed the event? Get up to speed with this overview of key messages.


“Is your data gathering dust or gleaning gold dust? How can you make better use of your own data and other data available to you?” With these questions, boobook and StarfishMRM kicked off the Digital Dialogue event on data analytics. Several keynote speakers shared their insights, each from their own perspective and field of expertise. 

The importance of the algorithm  

First one to inspire participants at the event was Marc Decorte, President & CEO at Shell Belgium, Vice President Connected Digital Technologies at Shell International. Demonstrating the role of digitisation in the oil and gas industry, he explained how his company uses data analytics and digital technologies to transform their business operations and position the company for the future.


More specifically, Marc explained how Shell uses data to improve business processes, from facility maintenance and customer experience programmes to cross-field collaboration – possibly leading to revolutionary solutions. Stressing the importance of the algorithm, he stated that it is key in bringing alive data insights that help address business issues. 


Inviting and using feedback from end users

How to use data to better serve citizens? Keynote speaker Bart Rosseau, Head of Data & Information at City of Ghent, asks himself this question on a daily basis. During his presentation at the event, he focused on how data can be turned into a reliable and efficient source of information to make citizens' lives better and transform city government.


The takeaway of his discourse? Listen to feedback and ideas from end users. Bart explained that his department receives a lot of input from city residents during the annual hackathon, aimed at making improvements to city services through the development of new apps that meet the latest needs and resolve the most pressing problems. However, he also adds that the aim is not so much to become a smart city as to become a city for smart users.

Facebook analytics: the need to make investments 

Facebook is still by far the number one when it comes to social networking. How, then, to make sure you are targeting the right audience in such a way that your campaign will yield results? Expert in social media engagement analytics Thierry Soubestre, CEO at Social Karma, addressed the matter in a powerful Facebook class.


A solid strategy, great insight in metrics and meticulously planned publications simply don’t cut it anymore. Thierry emphasises that in order for your campaign to deliver the best results possible, your company will need to invest in online advertising and field professionals. Simply put, Facebook will not get you the results you want for free.


Through the eyes of the customer

Fourth speaker at the Starfish Digital Dialogue was our very own Nicole Huyghe, Founder and Managing Director of boobook. Using two boobook customer cases, she explained how a better understanding of your customer journey will help you turn data into highly valuable insights.


The first case illustrated how in-house data and research findings can be combined to create a churn prediction model. Her second example looked at segmentation methods to optimise customer targeting and craft an effective upsell and cross-sell campaign. Talk about an insightful and inspiring keynote session to bring the event to a close! 


To see some pictures of the event, take a look at the StarfishMRM blog!



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