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Boobook clients give 65% NPS score

We are extremely proud to share the results of our most recent customer satisfaction survey held in January 2016

90% of our clients say it is likely they will use our services again.


Ahead of the launch of our new name and corporate identity we felt it was very important to have a baseline from which we can start as boobook. Little did we know new-born boobook would have to deal with such a strong boobook (previously known as solutions-2) legacy....


We also wanted to validate our strategy and positioning review done in 2015. The objective of the review was to have a better understanding of our clients’ needs and to articulate more clearly what the most compelling benefit is we deliver to them. More than 50% of respondents told us combining different data sources, big data analytics and understanding its opportunities is becoming more important for them.


We are honoured and humbled with the results of the survey. Most importantly we very much thank all the people that have taken valuable time out of their busy schedules to provide us with their feedback...warts and all.

"We have greatly valued boobook's talent for proposing and designing innovative data and insight solutions for ever more complex and challenging projects"

Our clients rate us very high in the 5 areas that define a sustained and mutually beneficial relationship

The survey scores are based on our average performance ratings on a scale of 1 to 10. We are extremely pleased with our scores in all aspects of our performance in leadership, expertise, relationship management, operations and quality of our people.

We realise however these are averages and we take comments about individual improvement areas very seriously. Those of you familiar with our Flemish/Belgium cultural heritage will know that as Belgians we do not like to 'brag' or 'stoef' about things when they go well. We therefore thank everyone for pointing out where we can do better as well. These are individual cases that we will pick up with the individuals concerned where they have allowed themselves to be identified.




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