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After 14 years of success solutions-2 becomes boobook

Helping our clients to 'discover the wisdom' from data.

In the current world the quantity of available data is constantly increasing, making it harder and harder to understand the wisdom behind the data. At the launch of his latest book Henry Kissinger said: "The more time one spends simply absorbing information, the less time one has to apply wisdom". So even the famous statesman noticed that the need for reflection on the data is more important than the quantity of data.



"The more time one spends simply absorbing information, the less time one has to apply wisdom" - Henry Kissinger

Solution-2 moults it feathers to become boobook. Why did we feel the need to change our name?

Together with this, the world of market research is rapidly evolving from the more traditional survey research to encompass the so-called Big data. More data is becoming available, needs to be processed and analysed more rapidly at the cost of losing the wisdom behind the data.

We at solutions-2 decided that we need to embrace this change as well. To keep up our leading role in data analytics, visualisation and online smart reporting, and to help our clients with the great opportunities this richness of data can provide, we also need to learn and grow.

Thriving on the challenges of complex problems, tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs and always inquisitive for the wisdom behind the data, we feel that we can play a key role for our clients, both for the traditional market research market as well as for new domains.

To show we are changing, together with the rest of the world around us, we decided to mark this with a new name. This to make clear that we fully understand the challenges of today and tomorrow and are ready to face them.

What better name could we choose than boobook, the small owl from Australia? The ancient symbol of wisdom, together with the piercing eyes looking for that detail. The fact that the name sounds good, is a great extra.

by Frederik De Boeck,
Senior Data Scientist
on 08-02-2016

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